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  • VANEOX® Grinders for OES/XRF

    VANEOX® Grinders for OES/XRF

    High-quality and robust grinding equipment
    for the preparation of metal samples for OES/XRF

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    High throughput and high precision.
    Fuse up to 16 samples in one run.

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  • E-Learning for X-ray fluorescence analysis

    E-Learning for X-ray fluorescence analysis

    FLUXaminar® - comprehensive XRF training for instruments, software and sample preparation. Just give it a go!

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  • Get your reference materials for XRF and OES quickly and easily

    Get your reference materials for XRF and OES quickly and easily

    FLUXearch® has over 21,000 certified and non-certified standards. Simply register and request a non-binding offer.

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  • Greatly optimize your daily lab routine.

    Greatly optimize your daily lab routine.

    BORAMAT® 18 Doser for Flux
    Automatically doses up to 18 beakers of flux in one run.

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We create Solutions for XRF Applications 

Liquid Analysis

Liquid Analysis

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Pressing Technology

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Calibration Sets

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XRF Analysis

XRF Analysis

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Reference Materials

Reference Materials

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FLUXANA - XRF Application Solutions


FLUXANA® is dedicated to assisting users of X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF). This spectroscopic method is employed for elemental analysis as it enables determination of the inorganic components in a substance or product. XRF analysis is applied throughout the entire quality assurance industry as well as in institutions and authorities that monitor regulatory compliance.

We offer all types of accessories, such as cups and foils for liquid analysis, chemicals and additives (e.g. lithium borates and binders) and calibration standards (CRM). Additionally, we offer a wide range of sample preparation equipment including fusion equipment, presses and automatic dosing machines. Our services include commercial XRF analysis, installation of calibrations, organization of round robins and worldwide technical service.


  • Development of Calibration Sets
  • Commercial Analysis
  • Worldwide Expert Service, Training and Online Support.
  • Development of Calibration Sets

    FLUXANA®´s DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory is developing an ever-growing assortment of calibration sets for a large variety of industries and institutes.

    These sets usually contain calibration and validation samples, drift monitors, sample preparation kits and on-site services.

    Ready-to-go sets are available for:
    • Cement
    • Raw Materials
    • Ashes
    • Continuous Casting Powders
    • Slags
    • Iron Ore
    • Glass
    • Ferro Alloys
    • And many more...

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  • Commercial Analysis

    With access to a large variety of XRF spectrometers and state of the art sample preparation equipment, FLUXANA® is an excellent partner for the competent analysis of your samples using X-ray fluorescence analysis. Our laboratory works in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

    List of available chemical analyses by FLUXANA® here
  • Worldwide Expert Service, Training and Online Support.

    For FLUXANA® the highest goal is to provide the best support possible. That is why we have a team of service experts that travel around the world for on-site sample preparation machine installations, XRF software support and trainings.

    For us, business does not end with the selling a product. After sales support and lasting customer satisfaction is an important part of our business model.

    Find out more about our
    - Maintenance service
    - Online Support
    - Trainings

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    With the aim of a long-term conversion to the electric mobility of our fleet, FLUXANA® has invested in an electric car and a company-owned charging station for visitors. We see this as the basis for sustainable, climate-neutral and environmentally conscious growth.
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  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Our corporate values include the obligation to act responsibly. We support local institutions, associations and various projects.
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