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  • Calibration Set FAQ
  • Calibration Set FAQ

    Do you have any questions about calibration sets? Find out more in our FAQ.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding applications:

1. What kind of calibration sets does FLUXANA® offer?

FLUXANA® offers "ready-to-go" calibration sets for cement, raw materials, ash, glass and glass raw materials, continuous casting powders, silicon carbide, ferro alloys, slags, filter dusts and more.

2. What does a calibration set contain?

Depending on the calibration set and your needs, it contains calibration samples, drift monitors, validation samples, onsite calibration on your machines, staff training and all preparation tools FLUXANA® has to offer.

3. In what form are the standards delivered?

Depending on the set, there are three different types of calibration standards: powders for highest flexibility; glass powders containing pre-weighed sample and flux; and glass beads which include more than 15 years of FLUXANA® XRF preparation experience.

4. I require a specific element range, can FLUXANA® offer it?

In addition to the usual element ranges, we are able to offer extended calibration ranges. If you are unsure about the element range, our laboratory staff will gladly check your data and offer the best solution for you.

5. Can someone help me with the calibration?

Yes, FLUXANA® has a service team of XRF experts that can come to your location and install the calibration in your laboratory. Our team also offers onsite training for your laboratory staff on different XRF related topics.

6. How can I be sure about the quality?

All calibration sets are operated in the FLUXANA® application laboratory under ISO 17025 conditions. In addition, we offer regular proficiency tests according to ISO 17043 to control your installed calibrations.

7. Where do I find the calibration sets?

All available application packages can be found at: Calibrations Sets

If you are not sure, our laboratory staff will gladly help. Contact us at: info@fluxana.com

8. What kind of preparation machine do I need?

To achieve the best possible solution, all applications are optimized for FLUXANA® gas or electrical fusion machines. In special cases, we can adapt our methods to allow us to use other brands of fusion machines.

We create Solutions for XRF Applications


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