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  • Lithium Borates in Granular Form
  • Lithium Borates in Spherical Form
  • Certificate / REACH Registration
  • Additives
  • Lithium Borates in Granular Form

    Ideal for manual weighing.

  • Lithium Borates in Spherical Form

    Flux as micro beads – ideal for automatic weighing.

  • Certificate / REACH Registration

    Each delivery of flux comes with a purity certificate and is in line with latest REACH regulations.

  • Additives

    Get additives and mixtures of flux and additives for special applications.




Flux for fusion



Flux and additives

We deliver lithium borates and additives with guaranteed purity from in-house production. With every delivery of flux you will receive a specification. Anhydrous homogeneous pre-fused fluxes with a low loss on ignition and defined granulometry. With these fluxes, the sample is totally dissolved in a borate glass with a perfect surface.




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FX-X100-2, FX-X100-2, FX-X100-2P, FX-X100-2P, FX-X100-25H, FX-X100-25P, FX-X90-2, FX-X80-2-LiBr, FX-X80-2-LiBr, FX-X65-2, FX-X65-2, FX-X65-2P, FX-X65-2P, FX-X65-25H, FX-X65-25P, FX-X65-25P-0.5%LiI, FX-X65-25P-0.5%LiBr, FX-X50-2, FX-X50-2, FX-X50-2P-1%LiBr, FX-X50-2P-1%LiBr, FX-X50-25P, FX-X50-25P-1%LiBr, FX-X35-2, FX-X35-2, FX-X20-2, FX-X20-2, FX-X80-2, FX-X80-2, FX-X00-2, FX-X00-2, FX-ADD1, FX-ADD3, FX-CAT8, FX-OXY6, FX-OXY7, , FX-SUL1, FX-SUL2, FX-INT1, FX-OXY8

We create Solutions for XRF Applications


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