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NEW: “XRF Practical and Easy” Now an E-Learning Course at www.fluxaminar.com




Our popular training course dealing with the theory and practical application of X-ray fluorescence analysis can now be booked and used as an online course at any time. From basic instrument technology and calibrations to sample preparation, the course explains all relevant topics for XRF beginners and experts. If you have any questions about the contents of the course, our instructors would be happy to help you in the forum.


Further information about the course can be found here.


NEW: E-Learning Calibration Course for Rigaku® Supermini 200


Our new calibration course Supermini 200 shows step by step how to create a calibration on the Rigaku® Supermini 200 wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. From creating an application and drift correction to the complete calibration process, the course includes everything you need for reproduction in your laboratory. Our experienced course instructors would be happy to help if you have any questions or problems.

You can find out more about the course here.





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NEW: FluXert® calibration set and course for training of XRF calibrations




With FluXert® we have created a unique calibration set that allows you to train calibrations on your WDXRF spectrometer. The calibration set consists of 15 inexpensive calibration and monitor samples, which contain elements that are interesting for training purposes and show typical disturbances during calibration.


Complementing the set, we offer a training course on our new e-learning platform FLUXaminar®, which guides you step by step and device-independently through the calibration process.


You can find more information about FluXert® on our homepage or directly on FLUXaminar®.


NEW: FLUXaminar® E-Learning for XRF !

 Make the most of your time by attending our on-demand XRF training courses.


With FLUXaminar® we want to give XRF users all over the world the possibility to access information at any time and help them with problems with their XRF equipment and software. 


On this constantly growing platform we offer:
- Service courses for all FLUXANA® devices
- XRF training - theory and practice
- Software training for XRF calibration
- Free introductory courses and instructions


Would you like to test FLUXaminar®? Then attend one of the open and free introductory courses.

Click here for complete instructions on how to register for FLUXaminar®. Or visit FLUXaminar® directly by clicking here.





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FLUXearch® - Now with CONOSTAN and VHG Oil Standards

Over 800 New Reference Materials for the Petrochemical Industry




We have extended our FLUXearch® database with reference materials for the analysis of oils. You can now use the fast and accurate database search to find the appropriate standards from the manufacturers CONOSTAN® and VHG®.


CONOSTAN® and VHG® are worldwide leading manufacturers of organometallic standards, who share our high quality requirements. The standards are characterized by their high precision, stability and suitability for use.


Interested? Then visit www.fluxearch.com and register in just a few steps.


FLUXearch® - Thank You for Your Positive Feedback!



We are pleased that you, as new or existing users, have responded so positively to the conversion of our database to faster software and a new design. Many thanks!


We continue to strive to update FLUXearch® daily and to add many new reference materials. Ease of use is also important to us, so we have created a new "Quick Guide" to guide you through FLUXearch®. You will find it in the upper part of the Start page.


Stay tuned for additional new content intended to improve your experience with FLUXearch® even more.


Do you have questions about FLUXearch®? Then contact us here.





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BORAMAT® - The Automatic Flux Doser Can Now Process 30 Samples!




Our BORAMAT® flux doser is now available as a model with 30 flux dosing positions. This enables even more efficient weighing and saves additional time during sample preparation. With the intelligent software, operation is simplicity itself and is fully automated. Connection to an LIMS System is no problem.

Find further information about the BORAMAT® 30 in our flyer or online.


New Certified Reference Material for the Analysis of Limestone



FWe have increased our assortment of certified reference materials by a new material: “Limestone.” The new CRM FLX-136 consists of calcium carbonate and also contains Al2O3, Fe2O3, K2O, MgO, Mn2O3, SiO2, SO3 and SrO. The CRM is traceable to BCS Nr. 393.

The required documentation can be found on our Homepage: Certificate, Safety Data Sheet and Proficiency Testing Report. Find a list of all FLUXANA reference materials on our Homepage.

A large selection of additional exclusive reference materials can be found in our FLUXearch® Datebase.





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FLUXearch® - the fastest Reference Material Database

Quickly and easily find the fitting reference material for XRF and OES




Our popular FLUXearch® database for X-ray fluorescence analysis and spark spectrometers (OES) has been given a new appearance. It provides a better overview by using a user-friendly search mask with the most modern databank technology. Find your results immediately – without a waiting time.

With just a few clicks you can get further information or documents concerning your search. Or directly request an offer through the shopping cart.

Visit www.fluxearch.com and register in just a few steps. For data protection reasons, we also ask existing FLUXearch® users to register again.


Always Up-to-Date and with Certificates for Download



FLUXearch® is updated and extended daily to provide you with reliable information and to deliver current products. The certificate or safety data sheet can now be downloaded and viewed for many reference materials.

Need help with your search? No problem! Take a look in our quick guide or simply ask our competent FLUXearch Team.

Contact us here.





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Your FLUXANA Team Says Thank You!


Christmas is around the corner and an eventful year is coming to an end. A good reason for us to thank you for the mutual success of our pleasant cooperation and friendly association.


We hope to continue to enjoy this success with you in the coming year.


On behalf of the entire team, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Events 2020


Exciting events are expected in Spring 2020 and we are looking forward to your visit:


March 03-04: 27th Users Meeting for XRF at the FH Münster


March 16-18: ARABLAB 2020 in Dubai


March 25-26: Forum Labo Lyon


March 31 – April 03: ANALYTICA 2020 in Munich



Our Virtual XRF Laboratory 


You’re not able to attend any of the events? Then take a close look at our products in our 3D-Laboratory! Pictured to scale and provided with a great deal of detailed information, an excellent way to get an overview of our range of products for XRF sample preparation.


Find the 3D-Laboratory here.

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BORAMAT® 18 – We’re Going on Tour for You


FLUXANA® is going on tour with the BORAMAT® 18; offering you the possibility of seeing the material doser live in action at your site. Convince yourself of the precise and reliable dosing of up to 18 samples. We would be pleased to invite you to our laboratory on the Lower Rhine for a demonstration of other devices and suitable accessories for XRF sample preparation.


Interested? Then send us an email to info@fluxana.com and we’ll arrange an appointment with you.


Optimize Your XRF Sample Preparation


The BORAMAT® 18 not only takes over the manual weighing-in of fluxes, thus leaving you with more time for other tasks, but it also documents and stores all weighing data for you in digital protocols. Yet due to intuitive operation and simple maintenance, it remains very straightforward. Even the adapters for the weighing containers can be modified to your needs.


Further information about the BORAMAT® 18 can be found in our Flyer, Online or in the 3D-Lab.


Proficiency Test / Round Robin for Cement 


We have expanded the registration period for our latest proficiency test for the analysis of cement with sulfide and sulfate until 18th of December. Accredited and non-accredited laboratories with sufficient experience in X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are invited to participate. We recommend XRF as the preferred analytical method.


Additional information and the registration form can be found on our website.


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Whitepaper: Opportunities and Advantages of Contract Analyses


Our current Whitepaper deals with professional contract analyses by FLUXANA®. It describes the available testing methods and explains how companies and laboratories profit when analyses are outsourced to external testing laboratories that work according to quality standards such as DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


Our Whitepaper can be found here.


Register Now for Our Next Proficiency Test!


You can register for our next proficiency test until October 31, 2019.


The current round robin test includes the analysis of cement with sulfide and sulfate. Accredited and non-accredited laboratories with sufficient experience in X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are invited to participate. We recommend XRF as the preferred analytical method.


Additional information and the registration form can be found on our Website.



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BORAMAT® 18 - Automatic Dosing in up to 18 Crucibles


With the BORAMAT® 18, efficient and precise weighing of up to 18 crucibles with flux can now be realized fully automatically and very easily. Save time during sample preparation and use the intelligent software to create weighing protocols or connect the BORAMAT® 18 directly to your LIMS system.

Further information about the device can be found in our flyer, online or in our 3D-Lab.


Catch Weight - Weigh Samples Directly on the Device


A small scale that is built into the machine enables the use of the catch weight function of the BORAMAT® 18. With it the user can weigh in a rough amount of sample without the need to remove the beaker. Once the sample is weighed, the BORAMAT® 18 automatically adds flux until the desired ratio is reached.

More about the "Catch Weight" feature can be found in our new white paper.



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Whitepaper: Sample Preparation – Making Pressed Pellets


 In our new, comprehensive Whitepaper we describe the individual steps for the preparation of reproducible pellets. Important information, such as selection of the press and the pressing tools, mixing the sample with the correct binder and use of the tools, is provided in detail.

This Whitepaper and others from FLUXANA® can be found here.


New Certified Reference Material for the Analysis of Limestone


We have extended our range of certified reference materials with a new sample: "Dolomitic limestone." The new CRM FLX-135 consists of calcium and magnesium carbonate and also contains Al2O3, Fe2O3, K2O, Mn2O3, SiO2 and additional traces. The CRM is traceable to NIST 88b.

Further information, such as safety data sheets and proficiency testing reports can be found on our Homepage.

A large selection of additional exclusive reference materials can be found in our FLUXearch® Datebase.



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