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  • Types of Calibration Samples
  • Beads
  • Glass Powder
  • Powder
  • Types of Calibration Samples

    Powder, glass powder or glass bead – get the type of calibration sample that fits your needs.

  • Beads

    Calibration samples prepared as glass beads. Advantage: You receive a complete calibration package, prepared by FLUXANA® experts.

  • Glass Powder

    Calibration samples as glass powder containing sample and flux. Advantage: You can use any fusion method.

  • Powder

    Calibration samples as powders. Advantage: You retain all flexibility in sample preparation.


All calibration standards in the category application:


Calibration Standards Cement, Raw Meal, Clinker

Calibration Standards Raw Materials for Cement, Glass and Steel

Calibration Standards Oxidic Raw Materials

Calibration Standards Ash

Calibration Standards Continuous Casting Powder

Calibration Standards Glass

We create Solutions for XRF Applications


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