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  • Drift Monitors

    Use drift monitors to ensure the long-term stability of your calibration.

NEW: FLX-DC universal drift monitor set

Driftmonitorset FLX-DC

FLUXANA has developed the universal drift monitor set FLX-DC. It consists of 6 samples that cover almost the entire periodic table.



This table shows which elements are covered as low and high samples. With this set you are able to set up drift monitoring for 99% of all common applications.




There will be some extensions for applications with low Si concentrations and the radioactive elements* Th and U.


List of available universal sets:

FLX-DC  Universal set FLX-DC01, FLX-DC02¸ FLX-DC03, FLX-DC04, FLX-DC05, FLX-DC06
FLX-DC-UT Universal set with U and Th, FLX-DC02, FLX-DC03, FLX-DC04, FLX-DC05, FLX-DC06, FLX-DC07 
FLX-SI  Extention with low SiO2, FLX-SiO2-00, FLX-SiO2-01, FLX-SiO2-05



An example of the use of drift monitors and further information on our FLX-DC set can be found in our white paper:


 White Paper Drift Monitors


Please use our online database FLUXearch to find our drift monitor glasses or contact us directly via info@fluxana.com!


Long-term Stable Drift Monitors (Control Samples) for Drift Correction

Like most analytical instruments, X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers show changes in their analytical performance over time. The X-Ray tube loses intensity and the detector loses sensitivity after using them for a while. This negatively affects calibrations installed on the machine.


To use an existing calibration over a long time, the change in sensitivity for an element must be detected by a drift monitor and then used to correct this "drift". Such samples are called drift monitors, monitor samples, reference samples or monitor standards.


Drift monitors have the special property of not showing any change in element composition over a long period of time.


That´s why FLUXANA calibrations, installed by us in many customer laboratories, contain a special selection of drift monitors to guarantee an excellent long-term stability.  These monitor samples were designed in our own glass production to assure highest quality.



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