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  • Platinum Ware

    Long lasting materials and reliable recycling services without risk for the customer.

  • Platinum Recycling Service

    FLUXANA® arranges pick-up and insurance of your platinum for recycling.

  • FKS Platinum

    FKS platinum ware has a surface finishing that increases the lifetime of your crucibles and moulds.

  • Platinum / Quartz Crucibles

    Large selection of different crucibles and casting dishes for special applications.




Platinum Ware for Fusion



Platinum ware

Platinum ware made from platinum/gold 95/5 for fusion machines and laboratory needs. Old platinum ware is accepted for recycling as credit against your next order. All deliveries are insured by FLUXANA®. We also offer all platinum ware in FKS. This surface finishing increases the lifetime of your crucibles and moulds.





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electrical fusion machine VITRIOX ELECTRIC

electrical fusion machine VITRIOX ELECTRIC

gas operated fusion machine VITRIOX GAS

dosing machine for flux BORAMAT

Automatic Flux Doser BORAMAT 18


FS-OT866, FS-OT866FKS, FS-OT866-D, FS-OT867, FS-OT867FKS, FS-OA434, FS-OA434FKS, FS-OA877, FS-OA877FKS, FS-OA438, FS-OA438-FKS, FS-OA439, FS-OA439FKS, FS-OZ327, FS-Hmetal_recycling, FS-Hmetal, FS-VIT01, FS-VIT02, FS-VIT03, FS-VID01, FS-VIA4008, FS-VIA4009, FS-VIA4006, FS-VIA4010, FS-VIA4007, FS-VIA4011, FS-VIA4005, FS-VIA4012, FS-VIA4014, FS-VIA4015

We create Solutions for XRF Applications


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