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  • VANEOX® Grinder MBG01
  • VANEOX® Grinder MDG02
  • VANEOX® Grinder MLG11
  • VANEOX® Exhaust MDE01
  • VANEOX® Grinder MBG01

    The grinding machine with automatic metal sample input and output.

  • VANEOX® Grinder MDG02

    The double disc grinding machine for parallel grinding of two metal samples.

  • VANEOX® Grinder MLG11

    The compact hand grinder for easy preparation of metal samples.

  • VANEOX® Exhaust MDE01

    The powerful extraction system for grinding machines.



  • PLC controlled grinding process
  • Automatic sample input and output
  • Three selectable grinding programs
  • Connection for external exhaust
  • Specially hardened material of the grinding belt base
  • Fast grinding belt change

Grinder MBG01


  • Two grinding discs
  • Integrated, powerful dust collector
  • Foot control switch prevents rotation of the disc without operation
  • Brakes that stop in less than 1 rotation
  • Height adjustable to operator

Grinder MDG02


  • Manual dry grinding of specimens with a diameter of up to 60 m
  • Coarse and fine grinding discs with different pitches
  • Grinding dust removal on the back side
  • Connection for external suction

Grinder MLG11


  • Powerful dust extraction for belt grinders MBG01
  • Integrated spark deflector, dust bag
  • Low maintenance
  • Dust bag easily removable; spark deflector accessible via removable plate
  • Independent use possible

Exhaust MDE01



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