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  • Proficiency Tests
  • Proficiency Tests

    Test your quality control by participating in one of your regular proficiency tests. Or conduct your own test with the help of our experts.

Proficiency Testing / Round Robins with X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

FLUXANA is an international provider of proficiency testing. We regularly offer proficiency testing for X-ray fluorescence analysis.


By participating in proficiency testing, it is possible for our customers to compare their analytical methods and test procedures with other international laboratories. To do this, we regularly have various proficiency tests for typical X-ray fluorescence analyses (XRF) in our program. In keeping with state-of-the-art technology, we apply “robust statistics” for our evaluation method.


Together with reference materials, our proficiency testing can be used as a key element in the laboratory accreditation process. This enables laboratories to monitor the quality of their analytical results according to ISO/IEC 17025. It is often referred to as external quality assessment (EQA).

Benefits for participants:

  • Monitor & improve XRF analysis
  • Demonstrate analytical competence
  • Method and instrument validation
  • Training and development for employees
  • Presented results are treated anonymously
  • Participation certificate with assessment as required

regular Proficiency Testing / Round Robins

You conduct your own proficiency testing?

Then let us conduct a professional evaluation with “robust statistics” based on DIN 38402-45 / ISO/TS 20612:2007.


For questions or comments, please contact: pt@fluxana.de

Current proficiency tests:

Proficiency Test / Round Robin for Cement - RV-2023-01:

Parameters to determine: Al2O3, CaO, Fe2O3, K2O, MgO, Mn2O3, Na2O, P2O5, SiO2, SO3, TiO2, Cl, LOI

Status: Start of the registration

Planning document


Participation fee: 500 €

Deadline for registration: January 31, 2023

Future proficiency tests:

First half 2023
RV-2023-01: Cement

Planning documents

Completed proficiency tests:


RV-2022-02 (Cement)

Report Proficiency Test

RV-2022-01 (LD-Slag)


Report Proficiency Test


RV-2021-02 (Recycling Material Used Catalysts)


Report Proficiency Test


RV-2021-01 (Iron Ore)


Certificate (FLX-2001)


RV-2020-01 (Cements)


Certificate (FLX-1001)

Certifikate (FLX-1002)

Report Proficiency Test


RV-2019-02 (Cements with Sulfide and Sulfate)


Report Proficiency Test

RV-2019-01 (refractories)


Certificate (FLX-139)

Certificate (FLX-140)

Report Proficiency Test


RV-2018-01 (cement)


Report Proficiency Test

FLX-137-138 (Cement)


Certificate (FLX-137)

Certificate (FLX-138)

Report Proficiency Test


FLX-135-136 (Limestone)


Certificate (FLX-135)

Certificate (FLX-136)

Report Proficiency Test


FLX‐CRM 132-133
(Used Auto Catalytic Converters)


Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 130-131 (Special Cements)



Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 128-129 (Feldspar)


Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 123-127 (Continuous Casting Powder)


Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 118-122 (Cements)


Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 113-117 (Cements)


Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 111-112 (Refractories)


Report Proficiency Test


FLX-CRM 105-110 (Cements)


Report Proficiency Test



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