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  • Rings for Pressing
  • Aluminum Cups for Pressing
  • Pellet films for Pressed Pellets
  • Filling Tool for Backing with BOREOX®
  • Rings for Pressing

    Rings in different diameters and for different presses – allows pressed pellet automation.

  • Aluminum Cups for Pressing

    Ideal for instable samples and for labelling pressed pellets.

  • Pellet films for Pressed Pellets

    Avoid contamination and sticking of the pressed pellet to the pressing die by using pellet films.

  • Filling Tool for Backing with BOREOX®

    Creates a thin layer of sample on the top of the pellet – suitable for low sample quantities.




  • Creates thin layer of sample on the pellet
  • Suitable for low sample quantities

Filling tool


  • Avoids contamination of pressed pellet
  • Prevent sticking of pellet to pressing die
  • Different diameters

Pellet films


  • Ideal to stabilize samples
  • Good for pressed pellet labelling
  • Enables autosampler handling
  • Different diameters



  • Used to stabilize samples
  • Allows pressed pellet automation
  • Different diameters available





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We create Solutions for XRF Applications


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