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    Get your reference materials for XRF and OES quickly and easily in our database of over 21,000 standards.



FLUXearch is the comprehensive reference material database of FLUXANA® with a variety of certified and non-certified standards.

It allows you to quickly and easily search for RMs and CRMs and to request quotes for the required materials.


Click here to register or login to FLUXearch with your account


1. Registration


2. Search for Reference Materials


3. Request a Quote


4. Video Tutorial



1.) Registration


Click “Register here:”




Please fill in all fields.




You will be automatically registered and receive a confirmation e-mail. After logging in, you can use the database freely.




2.) Search for Reference Materials


Select “Search by Composition”. The following search fields are available here:


Category: Classification into the categories of aluminum, chips, solid, and others.


Base: Filters according to the base of the materials, for example ores, cements, slags, and many more.


Content: Filters for the content of materials such as iron ore, aluminum ore, lithium ore, and many more.


Search for element: Select the desired elements and concentrations in percentage or PPM, and the database will show you the available reference materials.


Alternatively, you can use the menu item “Search by Reference Material” to search directly for a specific article. Here you can search for the article number, the manufacturer code, or run a full text search.





You can exclude sold-out standards with “Exclude sold-out”.


If your search was successful, you will receive a list of samples.






To see all details of a standard sample, click on the blue article number#.


The “Status” column gives you important information regarding availability:


available: this standard sample is available from the supplier, i.e. we can make you an offer immediately


sold out: this standard sample is no longer available


price request: the availability is unclear, and we must first contact the supplier to see if this sample is still available and at what price


set: this sample is part of a set and cannot be sold separately. If you click on the blue article number, you will find the article number of the complete set.


3.) Request a Quote



Click on the shopping cart symbol next to the desired item and it will be added to your shopping cart.


You can now continue to search and add other items to your shopping cart or complete your search and request the items in your shopping cart.






Here you will find all stored samples. If desired, change the required quantity in the “Quantity” field and click “Update” to update the shopping cart.


You can delete it with the red X next to the standard. With “Clear Cart”, you can delete the entire list.


To request the quote, click on “Request for Quote”. Before the list is sent to FLUXANA, you have the opportunity to add a comment. If necessary, you may be asked to enter additional account information here, which we need in order to fulfill the request.


You will then receive an offer either the same or next working day.


If you leave FLUXearch without requesting a quote, the shopping cart will be saved until your next visit.

Now we wish you much success with the new search engine FLUXearch!




4.) Video Tutorial



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