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FluXert® WDXRF Calibration Training Set

WDXRF Calibration Training Set


FluXert® is a XRF calibration training set that allows you to practice calibrating WDXRF spectrometers easily and cost-effectively. The set consists of 15 calibration and monitor samples, which are not standard samples, but are manufactured at low cost and contain XRF elements that are interesting for training purposes.


Fluxaminar E-Learning

Together with the calibration course on our e-learning platform www.fluxaminar.com, FluXert® is an ideal complete package that allows beginners to deepen their calibration knowledge without much effort. As the procedure is similar on most WDXRF devices, the course is kept as device-independent as possible.


The FluXert® calibration kit and calibration course can be purchased separately, but provide optimal training opportunities when used together.



More information about FluXert can be found directly on our FLUXaminar® E-Learning platform here.





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