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BORAMAT® 18 – We’re Going on Tour for You


FLUXANA® is going on tour with the BORAMAT® 18; offering you the possibility of seeing the material doser live in action at your site. Convince yourself of the precise and reliable dosing of up to 18 samples. We would be pleased to invite you to our laboratory on the Lower Rhine for a demonstration of other devices and suitable accessories for XRF sample preparation.


Interested? Then send us an email to info@fluxana.com and we’ll arrange an appointment with you.


Optimize Your XRF Sample Preparation


The BORAMAT® 18 not only takes over the manual weighing-in of fluxes, thus leaving you with more time for other tasks, but it also documents and stores all weighing data for you in digital protocols. Yet due to intuitive operation and simple maintenance, it remains very straightforward. Even the adapters for the weighing containers can be modified to your needs.


Further information about the BORAMAT® 18 can be found in our Flyer, Online or in the 3D-Lab.


Proficiency Test / Round Robin for Cement 


We have expanded the registration period for our latest proficiency test for the analysis of cement with sulfide and sulfate until 18th of December. Accredited and non-accredited laboratories with sufficient experience in X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are invited to participate. We recommend XRF as the preferred analytical method.


Additional information and the registration form can be found on our website.


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Whitepaper: Opportunities and Advantages of Contract Analyses


Our current Whitepaper deals with professional contract analyses by FLUXANA®. It describes the available testing methods and explains how companies and laboratories profit when analyses are outsourced to external testing laboratories that work according to quality standards such as DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


Our Whitepaper can be found here.


Register Now for Our Next Proficiency Test!


You can register for our next proficiency test until October 31, 2019.


The current round robin test includes the analysis of cement with sulfide and sulfate. Accredited and non-accredited laboratories with sufficient experience in X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are invited to participate. We recommend XRF as the preferred analytical method.


Additional information and the registration form can be found on our Website.



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BORAMAT® 18 - Automatic Dosing in up to 18 Crucibles


With the BORAMAT® 18, efficient and precise weighing of up to 18 crucibles with flux can now be realized fully automatically and very easily. Save time during sample preparation and use the intelligent software to create weighing protocols or connect the BORAMAT® 18 directly to your LIMS system.

Further information about the device can be found in our flyer, online or in our 3D-Lab.


Catch Weight - Weigh Samples Directly on the Device


A small scale that is built into the machine enables the use of the catch weight function of the BORAMAT® 18. With it the user can weigh in a rough amount of sample without the need to remove the beaker. Once the sample is weighed, the BORAMAT® 18 automatically adds flux until the desired ratio is reached.

More about the "Catch Weight" feature can be found in our new white paper.



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Whitepaper: Sample Preparation – Making Pressed Pellets


 In our new, comprehensive Whitepaper we describe the individual steps for the preparation of reproducible pellets. Important information, such as selection of the press and the pressing tools, mixing the sample with the correct binder and use of the tools, is provided in detail.

This Whitepaper and others from FLUXANA® can be found here.


New Certified Reference Material for the Analysis of Limestone


We have extended our range of certified reference materials with a new sample: "Dolomitic limestone." The new CRM FLX-135 consists of calcium and magnesium carbonate and also contains Al2O3, Fe2O3, K2O, Mn2O3, SiO2 and additional traces. The CRM is traceable to NIST 88b.

Further information, such as safety data sheets and proficiency testing reports can be found on our Homepage.

A large selection of additional exclusive reference materials can be found in our FLUXearch® Datebase.



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Our Next Proficiency Test Begins



Register here by July 31, 2019 for our next proficiency test!


The current proficiency test deals with the analysis of refractory (approx. 95% Al2O3 and approx. 90% ZrO2)! Accredited and non-accredited laboratories with sufficient experience in X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) are welcome to participate. We recommend XRF as the preferred analytical method.


Please find additional information and the registration form on our Website.


Professional Presses from FLUXANA®



From our range of VANEOX presses, we offer our 15t – 40t for your perfect pressed pellet.
We provide all accessories you need, to perform with best conditions.


Find out more about our products here or contact us directly at: info@fluxana.com. Let us assist you, to find the press that is best for you!



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FLUXANA® Analyzes Your Samples for You


You want to have your samples tested for your quality assurance?
Our experts analyze your samples, whether liquid or solid, using the newest XRF testing procedures.


Alternatively, if you want to conduct the analyses yourself, we would be happy to prepare your samples as pressed pellets or using fusion so that you can start your analysis immediately.


Find more information about the various possibilities offered by our accredited testing laboratory here. Please ask for a consultation so that nothing stands in the way of a competent analysis.


Reference Materials from FLUXANA®


FLUXANA® produces certified reference materials in highest quality for your use with
X-ray fluorescence analysis.


Further information and an overview of the available reference materials can be found here.





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The Best Way to Fused Beads


The VITRIOX ELECTRIC® from FLUXANA® is our electrical fusion machine for your fusions. With its unique 3D stirring mechanism with rotation, every sample is completely homogenized providing the best results for precise analyses in daily XRF routine.


Find information about our fusion machines and accessories on our Homepage.


For our fusion systems, we offer extensive application programs developed and routinely applied in our accredited testing laboratory.


Our Calibration Sets


Take advantage of our numerous calibration sets in different versions that you can use immediately for calibration. We offer these as powder, glass powder or beads. 

An overview of our calibration sets can be found here.
In addition to instruments and calibration samples, reliable support is one of the comprehensive features of our calibration sets. Our experienced service team installs the calibration onto your XRF and trains your employees in using the provided set.


FLUXANA® at Analytica Lab Africa


Analytica Lab in Africa will take place from the 9th to the 11th of July.
This exhibition gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire range of topics that pertain to laboratories in research and industry like analysis, quality control and laboratory technology. Click here for more information.
FLUXANA® will be part of the booth of our official agent “United Spectrometer Technologies cc”. Come and visit us!


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New Cup SC-138


FLUXANA® presents the new cup SC-138 for liquid analysis. It is used for XRF equipment of Rigaku Micro-Z ULS and Mini-Z and has the following dimensions: OD 36mm, ID 33mm, height 26mm.

FLUXANA® provides more cups and films for liquid analysis with X-ray fluorescence.

Cups ready-to-use



Save time and make use of FLUXANA®’s offer, to prepare sample cups with films already. These are checked by our internal quality manager before shipment and represent a great alternative to self-made cups.

For more information click here. Feel free to contact us regarding an individual quote.


New phone number


From now on you can reach us under a new 
phone and fax number!


Phone: +49 (0)2821 48011-10

Fax: +49 (0)2821 48011-99


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New FLUXANA® Homepage


We are pleased to present our new FLUXANA® homepage as of today! Quickly find all important products for XRF sample preparation and discover new content, such as a extensive collection of Whitepapers and a new space for applications.


We invite you to look around and explore all the new content.


New: FLUXANA® 3D Laboratory


The FLUXANA® 3D-Laboratory is the special feature of our new homepage. Experience our products up close in the third dimension and get an overview of our entire portfolio.

You control your tour with the mouse and can learn more by simply clicking on our products.

Find the FLUXANA® 3D-Laboratory here.


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